Disbursement of money to new Constituency Development Funded projects in Eastern Province suspended.

All councils in Eastern Province have decided to temporarily suspend funding of new CDF, Constituency Development Fund projects this year.

This has been confirmed to Breeze News by the Provincial Local Government Officer, Macloud Nyirenda.

Mr. Nyirenda, says that it was resolved at the local authorities 2013 performance review meeting, which was held last week Friday, that the councils desist from funding new CDF projects until the old ones are completed.

Mr. Nyirenda, explained that it has been observed that there are a number of CDF projects that have not yet been completed, because of being underfunded.

He attributed the underfunding of the projects to the absence of BOQs, Bill of Quantities.

Mr Nyirenda says the councils will have to ensure that guidelines are strictly adhered to this year, to avoid underfunding of projects.

Meanwhile, inadequate staffing and poor funding, are some of the issues that were singled out as the main challenges faced by all local councils in the Eastern province last year.

Mr Nyirenda expressed hope that all key positions, which have not yet been filled in some of the councils, will be done so soon.

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