Dishonesty in paying loans costs Eastern Province

Dishonesty by people, who benefited from the Presidential Bicycle Empowerment loans, has led to the province delaying to get motorcycle loans.

This has been revealed by Philemon Mwale, who in charge of the bicycle loan facility in Eastern Province.

Mr. Mwale says if people, who got bicycles had paid back the loan in good time, by now, others would have received motor cycles.

He was responding to concerns from some people, who wondered why Eastern Province has not yet received motor cycle loans, when other regions already started benefiting.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwale says that officials will soon visit the province to look at the matter where several beneficiaries of the bicycles are not paying back the loans.

He noted that no one should politicize the loan and emphasized that all those who benefited are still required to pay back.

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