Dispute over land ensues in border district of Vubwi

A land dispute has ensued between some Zambian farmers and a Malawian farmer on the border of Zambia-Malawi in Vubwi district.

Vubwi District Commissioner, Enelesi Banda has confirmed to Breeze News but says that matter is being sorted out.

Ms. Banda says that the misunderstanding started because both Zambians and Malawians have been cultivating without recognizing border beacons.

She says that the confusion was sparked after a farmer from Malawi bought land and asked those who were cultivating in his farm to stop.

Ms. Banda says that this annoyed Zambian farmers resulting into a misunderstanding.

The district commissioner, however, says that Chief Pembamoyo has been asked to give the affected Zambian farmers other pieces of land.

However, some farmers, who spoke to Breeze News, allege that the farmer from Malawi has ended up encroaching on Zambian land and removed beacons.

The farmers demanded that government intervenes seriously in the matter because the issue has affected a lot of people.

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