Dog bite cases remain a major challenge in Chadiza district.

Dog bite cases have remained a major challenge in Chadiza district.

This is according to a report from the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock presented at the District Epidemics, Preparedness, Prevention, Control and Management Committee meeting.

Chadiza District Veterinary Officer, Victor Kangwa revealed that 42 dog bite cases were recorded from January to June this year.

Dr. Kangwa says that out of 42 cases, 34 were recommended for post exposure at the hospital.

He says that five suspected rabid dogs were destroyed while 42 dogs were vaccinated with anti-rabies vaccines.

And Dr. Kangwa says that lack of funds to procure anti rabies drugs is hampering the dog vaccination program in the district.

He says that lack of kennels for dog confinement and observation is also a challenge to the department

Meanwhile Chadiza District Medical Officer Jonathan Chama revealed that only 17 people with dog bites were recorded and treated at the hospital.

Dr. Chama says other victims may have accessed medical services elsewhere.

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