Dora Siliya and others officially ditch the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy.

Former Petauke Central Member of Parliament, Dora Siliya yesterday officially ditched the former ruling party for Patriotic Front.
And Ms. Siliya says that she had decided to join the Patriot Front because it is the only party that has the potential to develop the country.
Speaking when she announced her decision to ditch the MMD in Petauke, Ms. Siliya said that she is willing to work with the PF government to deliver development to the people.
She thanked the PF party for the warm welcome she and her fellow former MMD members had received.
And Patriot Front Provincial Chairperson, Atany Mwamba says the move by Ms. Siliya to join PF was a plus to his party as it shows that the ruling party is growing day by day.
And Mr. Mwamba says that every PF member is welcome to declare their intention to contest the Petauke Central Parliamentary seat on the ruling party ticket.
He disclosed that the party had so far received five letters of people who want to contest the seat on PF ticket.

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