Dr Kenneth Kaunda thanks Zambians for honouring him with status of Zambia’s founding father.

First Republican President, Kenneth Kaunda has thanked Zambians for honoring him with a status of Zambia’s founding father.
This was during the celebration for Africa Freedom Day being held at State House.
Dr. Kaunda pledged peace, prosperity and stability in Zambia to continue.

Dr. Kaunda says that Zambians will continue being united and peaceful people under the motto of “One Zambia One Nation”.
He thanked God for keeping him alive this time to see to it that the peace he and other freedom fighters fought for continues to prevail in Zambia.
Meanwhile government has honored Zambia’s first cabinet for their effort rendered during the fight for freedom.
These include, Grey Zulu, Reuben Kamanga and Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe.

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