Dr. Nevers Mumba annoys MMD over claims he is party president

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD has lashed out at Dr. Nevers Mumba for claiming that he is still MMD president.

MMD National Chairperson for Agriculture, Chishala Chilufya says that Dr. Mumba has no legal right to claim that he is MMD president.

Speaking during Political Hour on Breeze FM this morning, Mr. Chilufya says that all attempts by Dr. Mumba to cling to power using the courts have failed because the courts have ruled in favour of Felix Mutati.

And Mr. Chilufya reiterated that the MMD has gone into alliance with PF, the Patriotic Front Party because it believes that President Edgar Lungu is the right candidate.

He stated that Mr. Lungu should not be blamed for some of the economic challenges, which the country has faced because it was a global problem.

Mr. Chilufya stated that it is important for people to appreciate development spearheaded by the PF government like construction of roads.

Meanwhile Mr. Chilufya has advised parliamentary candidates on MMD and PF tickets to ensure that they sell themselves properly to the electorates.

He says that this is because the MMD leadership will not campaign for these candidates to avoid causing confusion, stating that their focus is on ensuring that President Lungu bounces back as head of state on August 11.

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