Drug abuse one of leading causes of HIV infection

Government says drug abuse is one of the leading causes of HIV infection as well as deaths among young

Lundazi District Administrative Officer Mukule Banda also says drug abuse is one factor that has led to young people failing to achieve their dreams.

He was speaking during the commemoration of Anti-drug Day held in Lundazi district yesterday.

Mr. Banda says government was aware that drug traffickers have developed some links and networks through which drugs are sourced and distributed across the world.

He says that measures have already been put in place to reduce the retrogressive vice through education campaigns.

And Drug Enforcement Commission DEC Deputy Regional Commander Shadreck Lubita says the commission has continued to record high levels of drug trafficking especially among the youths and women.

He says drug trafficking and abuse as well as cultivation of
psychotropic substances such as cannabis remains a threat to the development of the economy.

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