Drug Enforcement Commission says counterfeit money has flooded circulation.

The Drug Enforcement Commission, DEC, has appealed to people in Eastern Province to be on the lookout for counterfeit notes.
Speaking to Breeze News, DEC Public Relations Officer, Samuel Silomba says that a lot of counterfeit notes, especially old 20 Kwacha notes and new 100 Kwacha notes are in circulation.
Mr Silomba says that farmers are the ones who are usually found with counterfeit notes because they are being targeted by those in the illegal business.
He noted that farmers are usually swindled after selling their farm produce by some brief case buyers because of the excitement of wanting to sell their produce early.
Meanwhile, Mr Silomba stated that DEC arrests people almost on a daily basis because of being in possession of fresh and loose cannabis.
He also stated that DEC arrests people with counterfeit notes almost after every two weeks.
The DEC Spokesperson says that Time Phiri who was found with 300 Kwacha fake notes while depositing 83,250 Kwacha notes a few weeks ago will soon appear in court.

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