East minister reveals civil servants working against government

Provincial minister Malozo Sichone has revealed sabotage by some of the senior public service workers in Eastern Province.

Speaking during Political Hour Programme on Breeze FM last evening, Mr. Sichone revealed that there are some senior government workers that are working against government.

Mr. Sichone further stated that corrupt activities, which have seen some workers at provincial administration being jailed, were destroying achievements scored by the PF government.

And Mr. Sichone says that the PF deserves another five years in government because it has managed to deliver most of the promises it made to Zambians in 2011.

He says that challenges in the economy were partly because of the high salary increment, which government awarded civil servants.

Mr. Sichone explained that the high salaries resulted in a lot of civil servants getting loans to buy vehicles abroad and build houses.

The minister stated that this however, worked against the country’s economy as imports increased while exports remained low.

Meanwhile Mr. Sichone has dismissed suggestions from oppositional political parties that the PF government wants to rig the August 11 elections, stating that this was a sign of fear.

The minister also distanced government from Malawians that have registered as voters and called on ECZ, the Electoral Commission of Zambia to remove them from the voters’ register.

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