East MMD distances itself from anti Felix Mutati members

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD in Eastern province has dismissed reports that some of its members are calling for the removal of party President, Felix Mutati.

MMD Provincial Chairperson Jacob Mwamba has told Breeze News that the call is false and wishful thinking by what he has described as mentally drained political individuals.

Mr. Mwanza says that the party in the province wishes to distance itself from the scheme, which is aimed at disorienting the former ruling party.

He says that the MMD in the region is extremely happy with the presidency of Mr. Mutati, who is also Finance Minister in the PF government.

And Mr. Mwanza says that there is nothing wrong with Mr. Mutati serving in the PF government because he is a citizen of this country, who has a civic duty to provide service.

He says that there is an existing alliance with PF and this does not divorce members from working together.

The MMD provincial chairperson further says that there is no MMD constitutional clause that debars any member to serve in another party.

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