East PF welcomes fuel price hike

The Patriotic Front PF Party in Eastern Province has welcomed government’s decision to hike fuel prices.

Vice Provincial Information and Publicity Secretary, Chembe Daka says that government has been facing challenges to manage the country because of limited resources.

Mr. Daka says that the move taken by government will assist government to generate resources, which will push the country forward economically.

He further says that these cost cutting measures will assist government to cut down on foreign borrowing, which could plunge the country into huge debt.

The ERB on Friday last week adjusted upwards the pump price of petrol and diesel to 13 Kwacha 70 Ngwee per litre from 9 Kwacha 87 Ngwee and 11 Kwacha 40 Ngwee from 8 Kwacha 59 Ngwee respectively.

Paraffin was adjusted from 6 Kwacha 12 Ngwee to 8 Kwacha 03 Ngwee.

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