East PF Youths welcome appointment of Andrew Lubusha as provincial chairperson

Some Patriotic Front PF youths in Eastern Province have welcomed the appointment of Andrew Lubusha as acting provincial chairperson.
The youths say that this is because the Attany Mwamba led executive was detached from the governing party in the region.
Speaking on behalf of the youths, George Mwanza alleged that the suspended Mr. Mwamba made the ruling party unpopular.
He charged that Mr. Mwamba failed to explain developmental projects being undertaken by government in the province.
Mr. Mwanza also indicated that Mr. Mwamba failed to protect the ruling party from attacks from opposition political parties.
And Mr. Mwanza says that the youths are confident that the newly appointed acting provincial chairperson, Andrew Lubusha will unite PF.
He has challenged Mr. Lubusha to address the issues which Mr. Mwamba failed to attend to, adding that youths will give him support.
Yesterday PF Secretary General Davies Chama suspended Mr. Mwamba for disloyalty while President Edgar Lungu appointed Mr. Lubusha to take over the position.

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