East Rainbow official ditches the party for PF

Rainbow Party Eastern Province Information Publicity Secretary, Paul Phiri has resigned from the party to join the ruling PF, Patriotic Front Party.

Mr. Phiri says his resignation follows the lack of seriousness he has observed in the rainbow party.

Mr. Phiri has alleged that the Rainbow party has now become a two man’s political party because its leader, Wynter Kabimba and his comrade, Robert Chikwelete are running the affairs of the party based on their selfish motives.

He has further alleged that Mr. Kabimba and Mr. Chikwelete have been selling party regalia to their members as one way of raising funds for themselves.

He added that the rainbow party has no proper plan on how it can serve the people of Zambia in an event that it wins elections and its National Members do not coordinate well with other members.

Mr. Phiri says he has decided to join the PF party because of government’s massive developments in all sectors of the economy that it has been undertaking.

And when contacted for a comment, Rainbow Party Member of the executive committee, Isaiah Manda says he has not received a resignation letter from Mr. Phiri and refused to comment further on the matter.

Meanwhile PF Provincial Information and Publicity Secretary, Bright Chihana has welcomed Mr. Phiri’s decision to join the ruling party.

Mr. Chihana says that Mr. Phiri’s decision to join PF is evidence enough that the ruling party is attracting members because of good leadership.


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2 Responses to East Rainbow official ditches the party for PF

  1. wezi mfune says:

    Mr.Paul phiri is a great lier to the general public and himself.
    Phiri was not rainbow party leader.Not even a party member coz the provincial party restructural program conducted in January 2017,flashed him out of the party due his incompetency. As such his hunger must not affect and dirten hornerable names that will form a socialist govt in 2021.let Mr.Paul phiri go to PF with his hunger alone as a begged of cheap contracts rather than using primitive propaganda without water.As rainbow eastern, we will remain united forever and evermore.viva wynter!viva CHIKWELETE!viva Mfune!

  2. wezi mfune says:

    Rainbow will not entertain laziness and indispline as a party of good morals and hard work.lazy pipo without a will shall eliminate themselves like Mr.Paul phiri whose claimed position of publicity secretary vanished way back in early January 2017.Just go where ever you want to go,but they will also see your xractor.

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