Eastern Province has 244 Early Childhood Centers

A report has revealed that Eastern Province has 244 Early Childhood Centers.

The report, which has been released by the Policy Monitoring and Research Center, PMRC, also shows that the province has 11,546 early childhood pupils.

Southern Province has the highest enrolment at 33, 223, but with only 124 centres, while Central Province has the highest number of centres at 380 with an enrolment of 15, 479.

North-Western Province has the lowest enrolment with only 3, 818 pupils and has 78 centres.

The report also reveals that for a long time, provision of education to children below the urge of six ,was left to the private sector.

However, the report also shows the Ministry of General Education ,is doing a lot to change the scenario through the opening of early childhood centres in public schools.

It says this has been shown through the employing of early childhood teachers in recent years and praised the ministry for its efforts.


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