Eastern Province in need of 2 million condoms

Two million condoms are required to meet the current demand for condoms in Eastern Province. 

Provincial HIV and AIDS Coordination Adviser Emmanuel Chama say the two million will meet the demand in non-health facilities that have been reporting a shortage for three months now.

Mr Chama noted that Chipata, Mambwe and Chadiza districts are the worst hit with the shortage of the sexual protective wear. 

And Mr Chama has noted that the shortage of condoms in the region is a plus for stakeholders involved in the fight against the spread of HIV and AIDS as it means that people in the region are using the material to prevent the spread of HIV and other STIs.

He noted that the region has been recording a reduction in the HIV prevalence saying this could be attributed to consistent condom use. 

Mr Chama stressed the need to enhance procurement of condoms, and called on other stakeholders to intervene and help procure more condoms to meet the demand for the commodity. 

Meanwhile, Mr Chama has called for enhanced sensitization efforts in fighting stigma in the region.

Mr Chama observed that people who stigmatize and discriminate against those with HIV are ignorant about the transmission and treatment of HIV.

He stated that with adequate knowledge people will not discriminate but encourage one another to get tested in order to take the next necessary step to prevent the transmission of HIV.

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