Eastern Province is not benefiting from mining activities taking place in the region.

Councils in Eastern Province have been challenged to assess mining activities going on in their respective areas.
This is according to a Technical Working Group Committee of Civil Societies that has been formed to look into the operations of the mines in Zambia.

Technical Working Group Representative, Charles Mulila told Breeze News that about six mining companies in Eastern Province have reflected to be active in the 2013 report on Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative but their operations are not benefiting the province.
Mr. Mulila says that it is possible that there are more than six mining companies in the province that are operating but what they are mining is not known.
Mr. Mulila says it is the duty of the councils to know how many mines are in their districts, their areas of operation, the minerals they are extracting, where they are selling the minerals and how much profit they are making.
He says doing so will assist the province have certain revenue to meet the provision of social services in the areas where mines are operating from.
Mr. Mulila added that people of Eastern Province have for a long time been lagging behind in terms of knowing the mining activities going on in the area.
He says that there is need for government to work hand in hand with Civil Society Organisations in ensuring that there is transparency in the way the mines are operating so that it benefits the local people.
Mr. Mulila was speaking on the side-lines of the consultative meeting on Zambia’s mining legislation and policy framework held in Chipata.

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