Eastern Province records a reduction in cases of Tuberculosis.

Eastern Province has recorded a decrease in cases of Tuberculosis, TB in the last one year.

Communicable Disease Control Specialist based at the Provincial Health Officer, Jairos Mulambya says in 2016 the province recorded a reduction in cases compared to 2015.

Speaking to Breeze News, Dr. Mulembya explained that the province in 2016 recorded 1,935 cases while in 2015, it recorded 2,150 cases.

He says that 87 per cent of the 1,935 cases were treated successfully with 86 per cent complete cure.

Dr. Mulambya however, says that the region recorded 6 per cent mortality, which was lower than 2015, when the mortality rate stood at 9 per cent.

Dr. Mulambya called for stakeholders’ involvement in the fight against TB, stating that the Ministry of Health alone cannot manage to eradicate the disease.

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