Eastern Province records more than one thousand road accidents in 2012.

Eastern Province has recorded a total number of 1, 035 road traffic accidents in the year 2012.
This came to light Friday evening during the annual ball for the Zambia Police Service held in Chipata.
Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Grace Chipalira says that the accidents had increased from 941 recorded in 2011 because of high activities happening on the road.
Mrs. Chipalira says that these accidents can be avoided if road users obey traffic rules.
Mrs. Chipalira also says that the stretch between Nyimba and Lunagwa is a death trap as human life is lost on it at an alarming rate.
And Mrs Chipalira says that the province had taken a total of 1,109 cases to court and recorded 551 convictions, 47 acquittals while 261 cases are pending from last year.
She however says that despite receiving more cases in 2012, crime cases have reduced in the province.

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