Eastern Province with high elephantiasis prevalence rate.

Eastern Province Prevalence rate for elephantiasis is high at 3.5 per cent.

Provincial Clinical Care Specialist, Charles Fanaka, told Breeze News that this is the more reason why the Ministry of Health is administering drugs for the prevention of elephantiasis in three districts infested with mosquitoes.

Dr. Fanaka says the three districts where the drugs are being given out are Chipata, Mambwe and Lundazi because Lundazi and Mambwe are valley areas with a lot of mosquitoes while Chipata is a central area.

He says the exercise which started last year will continue for a period of 5 years until 2020 in schools and health facilities.

Dr Fanaka says the drug is given to people above the age of two except pregnant woman, those who are seriously sick and children below 2 years.

He explained that elephantiasis is caused by Lymphoedema and hydrocele, a bacteria transmitted through mosquito bite.

Dr. Fanaka urged people who notice any side effects after taking the drug not to hesitate but go to the nearest health institution for consultation.

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