Eastern PS calls for strong fight against money laundering

Government says that there is need for people in Eastern Province to understand how to fight money laundering and terrorist financing activities.
Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo says that this is because these two vices are matters of global concern.
Mr. Kasolo says that the financial sector as well as designated non-financial businesses and professions are particularly hurt if used for laundering ill-gotten proceeds.
He was speaking yesterday when he officiated at the Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Awareness workshop in Chipata.
Mr. Kasolo emphasised that when public projects are inflated by corruption, citizens have to pay in form of higher taxes.
And Mr. Kasolo says that one of the key measures to check terrorism is to block financial resources flowing towards perpetrators of terrorists acts.
He pointed out that government is committed to protect the nation from financial crimes and that this is why it has put in place an anti-money laundering and financing of terrorism legal and institutional framework.
Mr. Kasolo appealed to the Financial Intelligence Centre to maintain a good working relationship with other stakeholders as well as overseas counterparts because the vices cannot be fought in isolation.

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