Eastern PS Chanda Kasolo denies misapplying public funds.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo has denied misapplying leftover funds for various departments under the 2015 national budget.
Mr. Kasolo has been accused of using the funds to purchase a brand new official vehicle for use under the Permanent Secretary’s office.
Speaking to Breeze News on condition of anonymity, some civil servants expressed shock that instead of Mr. Kasolo advising the departments to find activities on which to use the money on, he decided to buy a vehicle.
They wondered if purchasing the vehicle was more important than using the money for activities that would benefit local people.
But Mr. Kasolo has expressed shock with the allegations, stating that he has not bought any vehicle for his office.
He stated that he has been forced to borrow a vehicle from the Ministry of Health for use to tour the province because his official vehicle broke down and is in a garage in Lusaka.
Mr. Kasolo has advised civil servants to seek clarification on such matters than rushing to conclusions because the vehicle he is using belongs to the Ministry of Health.

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