Eastern Water and Sewerage Company abandons poor billing system

Eastern Water and Sewerage Company has abandoned a poor billing system that has resulted in the company losing revenue.
Managing Director, Lighton Kanowa has confirmed to Breeze News that the company has migrated from Assist Billing to Municipal Billing, which is used by most commercial utilities in Zambia.
Mr. Kanowa says that the old system resulted in some clients, who owed huge amounts refusing to settle the bills because of errors.
He says that the new system now allows the company to attend to any challenges, which it was facing in the old billing system.
Mr. Kanowa says that the whole process of migrating to the new system will gobble 450,000 Kwacha.
He says that the costs include that of purchasing the new billing system, data base clean up and going out in the field to carry out a head count of clients.
Mr. Kanowa says that the project is being funded by GIZ, the German Technical Cooperation Agency and Ministry of Local Government and Housing.

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