Eastern Water and Sewerage Company customers subjected to brownish water due to siltation in dams.

Eastern Water and Sewerage Company says it has been facing challenges of high levels of siltation at its water plants during the rainy season.

Company Public Relations Manager, Henry Kashoki told Breeze News that the high levels of siltation have caused the water to have a brownish colour even after treatment.

Mr. Kashoki has attributed the high levels of siltation to cultivations that take place near the dams, which causes a lot of soil erosion.

He has however assured people in Eastern Province that despite the change in the colour, the water that they are receiving is safe to drink because it is treated.

And Mr. Kashoki has appealed to people who are cultivating near the dams to stop and promote the tree planting exercise, to avoid soil erosion.

Residents in Chipata have expressed concern over the brownish colour of water stating that even though it is treated, it is difficult and depressing to drink such water.

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