Eastern Water and Sewerage Company dismisses water contamination report.

Eastern Water and Sewerage Company says that a report that water in Eastern Province is heavily contaminated has been exaggerated.
Company Technical Manager, Wilson Chifwima says that the quality of raw water in the region differs from place to place.
Mr. Chifwima says that only Mambwe and Petauke districts have been found to have water, which is contaminated.
Speaking during a live radio programme on Breeze FM this morning, Mr. Chifwima explained that water in Mambwe was found to contain Magnesium while water in Petauke contained calcium carbonate.
He however, says that the company addressed both issues and that there is no need for clients to be worried as water being supplied in the two districts is safe for human consumption.
Meanwhile Mr. Chifwima says that human activities like defecating, fishing and washing of clothes have contributed to contamination of water at the treatment plan at Lutembwe Dam Two in Chipata.
He says that the company has been forced to engage the police to stop people conducting any activities at the dam because it is supposed to be a no go area.

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