Eastern Water and Sewerage Company terminates contracts for data collectors.

Eastern Water and Sewerage Company has terminated contracts for data collectors who complained over their one day delayed payment last week.

And the company has gotten rid of what it has described as a few bad eggs, who were part of the data collectors.

Managing Director, Lighton Kanowa has confirmed to Breeze News stating that the contracts were terminated because the funder delayed to release money for the data collection exercise.

Mr. Kanowa says that since the data collectors decided to complain over a one day delay, the company felt that it was appropriate to terminate their contracts until the funder releases the money.

He however, says that the funder released the money late last week and some data collectors were paid on Friday while others will be paid today.

Mr Kanowa says that the company will reengage some of the data collectors but leave out those he described as bad eggs, who were influencing others to cause confusion over a one day delay to pay them.

But some data collectors have described the move to terminate their contracts as intimidation.

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