Eastern Water confirms facing challenges to pay salaries in 2015.

Eastern Water and Sewerage Company has confirmed facing some challenges in paying salaries to workers.
And the water company has changed the system of paying back loans for employees obtained from banks.
Speaking to Breeze News, Spokesperson Henry Kashoki says that it is true that the company last year faced challenges to pay salaries but the situation has normalized.
Mr. Kashoki attributed the challenges in paying salaries to problems that the company has faced to collect enough revenue from its operations.
He called for hard work from workers, stating that this is the only that the company will make enough revenue to pay salaries on time.
And Mr. Kashoki says that the company has cancelled memorandum of understandings with banks, where Eastern Water was paying back loans on behalf of the workers after deducting from their salaries.
Yesterday the workers demanded for removal of their managing director, Lyton Kanowa because of among other things delayed salaries and failure to submit loan deductions to the banks.
Meanwhile Mr. Kashoki has dismissed reports that Mr. Kanowa has been sent on forced leave because of the same matter, stating that he has gone on annual leave.
He says that the company board will look into the grievances of the workers.

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