Eastern Water management hands over K360,000 theft case

Management at Eastern Water and Sewerage Company has withdrawn its administrative procedure in dealing with a theft case where an employee allegedly stole 360,000 Kwacha.

Managing Director, Lyton Kanowa has told Breeze News that the company has decided to let the police, DEC, Drug Enforcement Commission and the auditor general’s office deal with the matter.

Mr. Kanowa says that management has since withdrawn the charge slapped on the employee from the finance department of suspected fraud.

And Mr. Kanowa has dismissed statements that management was aware of the scam and that some officers in management were involved.

He says that management only unearthed the scam after noticing irregular financial activities dating back from 2014.

Mr. Kanowa was reacting to claims by former Chipata Water Watch Group Chairperson Benson Phiri that management is involved in the alleged theft.

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