Eastern Water refuses to reconnect water supply to police stations

Eastern Water and Sewerage Company has not yet reconnected water supply to all the police stations in Eastern Province.
Last week the water company moved into action disconnecting water supply to all the police stations due to unsettled bills of over one million Kwacha.
Eastern Water and Sewerage Company Public Relations officer Henry Kashoki confirmed this to Breeze News.
Mr. Kashoki says that the bill was accrued over the years, and that this has forced the Water Utility Company to disconnect all Police stations in the Province for over a week now.
He however, says that some payments have been made this week, but that the outstanding bill is still too high for reconnections to be made.
Another government wing in Eastern Province that owes money to the water company is the Prisons Department.
But Mr. Kashoki says that after negotiations with the Provincial Administration, they have been assured that the bill will be reduced soon.

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