Eastern Water unhappy with illegal fishing at its dams

Eastern Water and Sewerage Company has warned people to stop fishing from Lutembwe dam one and two.

Speaking to Breeze News Public Relations Officer Henry Kashoki says it is an offence for any person to be fishing or loitering around the two dams.

Mr. Kashoki says the company will not take kindly to a person found either fishing or swimming in the two dams because the company wants to be supplying clean water to its customers.

Meanwhile Mr. Kashoki says that the company has no mandate to enforce the fish ban, which is currently in place but the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

He says the mandate of the company is to make sure people are supplied with clean water, adding that this is why the company has put up warning billboards to stop people from loitering around the dams.

He further says the people that are conducting the activity of fishing are doing it away from the treatment plants.

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