Easy access to beer and alcoholic drinks for people in Eastern Province.

The registration of Liquor Stores in the Eastern Province is said to be on the increase in comparison to other businesses being registered by The Patents and Company Registration Agency (PACRA).
Jumbe Kasongo, the Regional Manager for Eastern Province says that they have an average of 8 Liquor Stores being opened on a monthly basis.
He says that ever since PACRA began doing registration at district level through the district councils, they have seen an increase in registration of businesses in the Eastern Province.
And some residents from David Kaunda Area are happy that there has been an increase in the registration of Liqour Stores.
A check by one of our staffers, found that a number liquor stores were already opened and one of the patrons, Solomon Mwanza, said the decision by Government to regulate the operation time for bars was good.
Meanwhile PACRA has dispelled fears that the call to upgrade Chipata district into a city will hike the costs of operating business in the district.
PACRA Regional Manager Jumbe Kasongo says that this will on the contrary be of great advantage because it will attract a number of incentives for the business community.
He says that the call for upgrading implies that a lot of services will be brought closer to the community in Chipata like the Zambia Competition Commission.

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