ECZ advised to use village registers to verify voters cards in border areas.

Some people staying in border areas have called on authorities to use village registers during the on-going voter verification exercise.

Dennis Banda and Morris Zulu of Chieftainess Mkanda’s area say that this will help ensure that non Zambians that allegedly registered as voters are exposed.

They explained that village registers contain names of people in every village.

Yesterday, the Post Newspapers published pictures of people holding both Zambian and Malawian voters cards.

Meanwhile, the ECZ, Electoral Commission of Zambia has clarified that people whose date of birth is showing first date of January of the year 1800 as a default date during the verification, pertains to a registered voter, whose NRC does not show the Date of Birth.

The commission says this relates to old people, who do not know their date of birth and as such were just captured as ‘Adult’.

However, it says on the printed hardcopy Register, the word ‘Adult’ is printed against the Date of Birth field.

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