ECZ reveals cases of double voter card registration in Chipata.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia, ECZ has warned members of the public that registering more than once as a voter is an offence subject to prosecution.
The commission says that the warning comes after reports of double or triple registration malpractices in Chipata and Ndola in the on-going voter registration exercise.
This is according to a press statement availed to Breeze News signed by ECZ Public Relations Manager, Chris Akufuna.
Mr. Akufuna says that the commission is currently carrying out investigations in the matter and that the culprits will be prosecuted.
He also assured members of the public that although some people have registered more than once and have obtained more than one voter’s card, the commission will detect this when coming up with a voters register, such that it will not be possible for the culprits to vote more than once.
Mr. Akufuna reminded members of the public to be alert and report any malpractices in the on-going voter registration exercise.

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