ECZ warns against malpractices in voter registration

The Electoral Commission of Zambia, ECZ has reminded the public that only Zambian citizens above 18 years and possessing a green national registration card should register as voters.
In a statement to Breeze News, ECZ Public Relations Manager, Chris Akufuna, also says that no fee should be charged for issuance of a voter’s card.
He says that members of the public should report to police any registration officer demanding payment to register voters.
Mr. Akufuna says that members of the public should be alert and report any malpractices to the police.
He also warned that the law will take its course on anyone, who will be found engaging in voter registration malpractices during the voter registration exercise.
Mr. Akufuna says that he has issued the statement following reports of voter registration malpractices in Luangwa and Kasama districts.
In Luangwa, he says that a man believed to be a Mozambican attempted to obtain an NRC and register as a voter, while in Kasama, a voter registration officer was found to be charging people wanting to register.

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