EEP leader condemns casulisation in Zambia

Government has been challenged to monitor employers who have continued employing people on casual basis.

Leader of Economic and Equity Party, EEP, Chilufya Tayali says it is unfortunate that employers have continued employing people on casual basis when it is against the law.

Speaking during a press briefing today in Lusaka, Mr. Tayali says many employers are mistreating their workers by paying them less and remain as casual workers for many years, a situation he described as unfortunate.

He says government should act on the matter, stating that employees should be employees on a permanent basis.

Mr. Tayali has given all employers a three months ultimatum to employ their workers on permanent basis.

He says EEP members will hold a national demonstration on 5th February next year, if there will be Zambians who will still be casual workers in their jobs.

And Mr. Tayali has condemned traffic police officers who have continued harassing motorists on the roads.

He says road blocks are rampant across the country, but that the money being collected is not retired to government.

He hopes government will take interest in looking into the matter before it loses a lot of money collected by the police service.

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