EFAZ accused of misleading independent farmers over market for their produce.

Independent tobacco farmers have accused Eastern Fodya Association of Zambia EFAZ of misleading them over market for their produce.
This is after 10 farmers from Chadiza district got stranded in Lusaka after the merchants refused to buy their produce.
The farmers who complained of wasting resources and being inconvenienced have accused EFAZ of being unable to study the market and advise them properly.
But EFAZ Chairperson, Franklin Mwale has denied the allegations by the farmers.
Mr. Mwale expressed disappointment over the matter stating that EFAZ has been encouraging independent farmers to register with TBZ, the Tobacco Board of Zambia.
He has also advised farmers to deal with known and reputable local buyers and to consult widely before starting to grow tobacco for the next season.
Last week Mr. Mwale also accused some associations who are not registered with Ministry of Agriculture of misleading the farmers.

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