Eight boys have been retrieved from the Gule Wamukulu initiation ceremony in Katete district.

The Katete District Child Protection Committee has retrieved eight boys from the Gule Wamukulu initiation ceremony in Kadzakalowa resettlement scheme under Chieftainess Kawaza’s area.

The eight boys, who are of school going age, were retrieved from the Gule camp on August 23 by Chieftainess Kawaza’s Induna, Atenge Phiri.

This followed a complaint made to the Social Welfare Department from a concerned member of the community.

The traditional leadership in Katete instituted by-laws that ban the recruitment and initiation of school going children, which the child protection committee is using to protect children.

ZANIS by reports that this is contained in a statement by the District Social Welfare Department.

Chieftainess Kawaza of the Chewa people of Katete and Sinda Districts, said by-laws in her area do not allow school going children to be initiated into Gule Wamukulu.

Meanwhile, Katete District Social Welfare Officer, Joyce Msoni, said initiating children into Gule Wamukulu violated their right to education and other related rights.

She said the children were retrieved on the basis that they are below the age of 18.

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