Eighty-four people die from road accidents in 2016.

Eighty-four people died from road traffic accidents in Eastern Province last year.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo says that this is from 414 accidents, which were recorded in the whole region in 2016.

In a statement availed to Breeze News, Ms. Katongo says that Eastern Province stands at number five on the list of highest accidents recorded by each province.

Topping the list is Lusaka, followed by Copperbelt, Central and Southern.

North Western, Western, Muchinga, Northern and Luapula provinces recorded lower number of accidents and deaths compared to Eastern Province.

Ms. Katongo has attributed most accidents to human error as they resulted from excessive speed, misjudging clearance distance, failing to keep to the near side and cutting in.

She has appealed to all road users to adhere to traffic rules and regulations in order to reduce the number of traffic accidents on the roads.

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