Elephants have destroyed about thirty-five maize fields in Kakumbi Ward of Mambwe district.

About thirty-five maize fields have been destroyed by elephants in Kakumbi Ward of Mambwe district.
Kakumbi Ward Councillor, Peter Phiri confirmed this to Breeze News.
Mr. Phiri has however, blamed ZAWA, the Zambia Wildlife Authority for the destruction.
He says that despite a report being made to ZAWA, nothing has been done as the officers are more interested in protecting wild animals than people’s crops.
Mr. Phiri says villagers are spending sleepless nights guarding their crops while others are being forced to harvest maize, which is not yet ripe.
The civic leader has appealed to Minister of Tourism, Sylvia Masebo to intervene before the animals shift their attention to destroying rice fields.

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