Eleven cooperatives given solar powered milling plants in Katete district.

Eleven cooperatives have been given solar powered milling plants in Katete district.
And Zambia Cooperative Federation Director General James Chirwa says governments’ program of installing twenty thousand solar powered milling plants across the country is meant to reduce mealie meal prices and poverty levels in the country.
Mr. Chirwa says that the main objectives of introducing solar milling plants in all districts of Zambia is to empower cooperatives and creating jobs.
He was speaking when he addressed the cooperatives that were given the solar powered milling plants.
Mr. Chirwa says government has observed that it is more meaningful to empower cooperatives with machinery that allows them produce finished products than selling raw materials.
He says the number of solar powered milling plants to be given per district will be determined by the production of the crops.
And Katete Zambia Cooperatives Federation Union Chairperson Malesi Mvula says Eastern Province is one province that has lagged behind in industrialisation.
She says many people in the province opt to migrate to other provinces because of lack of industries to offer them jobs.
Ms Mvula stated that the empowerment of solar powered milling plants is a right step in creating jobs and industries in the province.

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