Eleven Malawians arrested for illegal entry into the country.

Eleven Malawians have been arrested in Chipata and have been charged with the offence of illegal entry into the country and unlawful trading in the district.

Regional Immigration Officer, Moses Chimbala confirmed this to Breeze News.

Mr. Chimbala says the eleven are among 31 foreigners, who were picked up from the streets of Chipata by a combined team of Immigration, Police and officers from DEC, the Drug Enforcement Commission last week.

He says all foreigners were picked for screening to establish those that did not have border permits.

Mr. Chimbala says it was during the screening process that the eleven were found with no proper documentation as they did not see the immigration officer when entering the country.

He says the eleven are currently detained at Namuseche prisons awaiting prosecution.

And Mr. Chimbala warned Zambians harbouring illegal immigrants whom they use as farm workers and builders that they will be arrested.

He says his office has received numerous reports about Zambians using Malawians to build them houses or work for them at their farms.

Mr. Chambala says that Zambians should ensure that they get permits for their workers.

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