Encroachment in the South Luangwa National Park leads to increased poaching.

Encroachment in the South Luangwa National Park has led to increased poaching.
Mambwe District Commissioner, Caroline Mwanza has revealed that hundreds of households in Petauke, Katete, Sandwe and Msoro areas have filled the buffer zone and caused damage to vegetation in the area.
She was speaking at the graduation ceremony of 63 village scouts at Namaluma Institute in Mambwe district yesterday.
Ms. Mwanza stated that the environment has been disturbed and is on the verge of ecological collapse.
She noted that poaching has increased as poachers have become more sophisticated and that this has endangered both animals and wildlife officers in the park.
The district commissioner stated that what used to be a health habitat for wildlife is now habitat for 4,000 cattle, which are also causing havoc on the environment.
Meanwhile, ZAWA Director of Conservation and Management, James Milanzi said poaching remains the greatest threat to wildlife management.
Mr Milanzi said that ZAWA would continue to work with government to ensure that poaching is fought adding that the training of the scouts would help protect wildlife in the area.
And speaking on behalf of Kunda chiefs of Mambwe district, Chief Malama appealed to government and other stakeholders to rehabilitate the training institute which he said was in a dilapidated state.

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