Encroachment on forestry land annoys Eastern Province Minister Malozo Sichone.

Eastern Province Minister Malozo Sichone has directed the local authority and the Forestry Department to ensure that illegal settlers that have encroached on forestry land vacate the area.
Mr. Sichone observes that there is so much lawlessness which has led to increased unplanned settlements in the province.
This follows concerns raised by Chipata Central Member of Parliament Mtolo Phiri on what government is doing about the encroachment of over 8,000 hectares of forest land in his constituency.
Mr. Sichone wonders why Chipata Municipal Council applied to de-gazette the forest area when the area in question was gazetted as forestry land.
He says government will not allow a situation where land is de-gazetted to accommodate illegal settlers.
Meanwhile, Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba has warned politicians that want to gain political mileage through illegal allocation of land.
Mr. Mwamba says politicians that would be found wanting will be brought down as government will ensure that they face the wrath of the law regardless of their political affiliation.

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