Energy Permanent Secretary calls for dialogue among PF members in Eastern Province.

Politicians in Eastern Province have been advised to dialogue with one another whenever there is a misunderstanding in there parties.
Energy Permanent Secretary George Kanyamula Zulu says that dialogue is the only way that problems can be solved peacefully.
Mr. Zulu says that it is not good for people to be having unnecessary fights on issues that can easily be solved if they sit down and talk to each other.
And Mr. Zulu says that he personally feels that the Patriotic Front Party should sit down with the former Chipata Central Member of Parliament Lameck Mangani to help solve the differences that are mounting in the party in the province.
Mr. Zulu also advised Mr. Mangani not to rush to the media when he hears that something bad was said about him but consult from the PF top officials to avoid confusion.
Mr. Zulu was speaking in an interview with Breeze News.

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