EPCCI advises farmers to find better maize market

The Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry, EPCCI, has called on the Agro Cooperative Union, ACU to help farmers market their maize in East Africa.

EPCCI President, Thomas Mtonga, says ACU should find measures, which can help farmers find maize market in the sub region, in order for farmers to sale their crop at a better price.

Mr. Mtonga said this following the reduction in the buying price of maize by the FRA, Food Reserve Agency, which is now at 60 kwacha per 50 kilogram bag, from last year’s price of 85 kwacha.

He says the only way small scale farmers can benefit from their crop is by selling their produce in the sub region such as Kenya, where the price of maize is high.

Mr. Mtonga says farmers should not only rely on FRA, when there is more demand for maize in other countries.

He says this year’s maize price does not match farmers’ expenditure on onputs.

Mr. Mtonga says farmers should also understand that there is low demand for maize on the market, due to the bumper harvest experienced in the 2016-2017 farming season, adding that they should not expect the maize prices to rise.

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