EPCCI calls for more fuel reserves

Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry EPCCI  has called on the government to consider putting up fuel reserves in Eastern province and other provinces that do not have fuel reserves, to prevent sudden change in fuel prices.

EPCCI President Thomas Mtonga says that putting up more fuel reserves will stop sudden fuel price increases as the country will have enough fuel in stock before effecting an increase.

He says that enough Reserves would also help the country have enough fuel whenever Indeni Oil Petroleum Refinery is undergoing maintenances.

Mr. Mtonga says the last increment was not expected and has therefore, led to an increase in costs for transporting goods, which is being passed on to consumers.

He further says that it is worrying that the fuel prices went up barely a month after the presentation of the national budget, which was silent on fuel costs going up.

Mr. Mtonga says this move by the government gives the impression that possibly going forward, many prices for major commodities will go up.

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