EPCCI has welcomed the amended constitution but with reservations on some clauses.

The Eastern Chamber of Commerce and industry, EPCCI says the signing of the amendment bill by President Edgar Lungu has a positive impact on the business sector.
EPCCI President, Thomas Mtonga told Breeze News that the holding of elections on the second Thursday of August every after five years, will assist people in the hospitality industry plan ahead on how to conduct their businesses at a particular date.

Mr. Mtonga added that the dual citizenship clause will also make more potential business people living in the diaspora who had no chance to extend their investment in Zambia to come back and invest.
He further explained that the grade twelve certificate qualification for councillors and Members of Parliament is a plus because it will make the country have knowledgeable leaders to make informed decisions that can help grow the economy of the nation.
Mr. Mtonga however, says the 50 plus one threshold for a winning presidential candidate in an election may have a negative effect on the country’s economy if it turns out that no candidate meets the required number of votes.
He says this is because a re-run in an election can result into economic challenges as it gobbles huge sums of money.

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