ERB gets tough on illegal fuel dealers

Energy Regulation Board ERB has warned illegal fuel dealers in Eastern Province of stern action if they do not stop trading in the commodity.

Consumer Affairs Officer Musonda Chibulu told Breeze News this morning that his organization is mandated to arrest anyone selling fuel without a trading license.

Mr. Chibulu says his organization is working with the watch group and the police in order to flash out all fuel vendors in the province.

He says it is against the regulatory rule for anyone to sell fuel without a license adding that storage of the commodity by vendors poses danger to human life.

Mr. Chibulu says for his institution to issue a trading license to any person, the facility where fuel is to be sold is inspected and certified.

Mr. Chibulu further warned motorists and members of the public to stop buying fuel from vendors.

He charged that fuel from the streets compromises the life spun of vehicles because the unscrupulous traders mix the commodity with other materials.

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