Erratic supply of cement hits Chipata district pushing up the price of the commodity.

Erratic supply of cement has hit Chipata with most traders running out of the commodity.
The scarcity has pushed up the price of the commodity, which is now being sold at between 92 and 95 Kwacha per 50 kilogramme bag.
And some residents have expressed concern that the price of cement has increased by 10 Kwacha, within the last three weeks.
John Banda and Lucas Ngámbi told Breeze News that the prices are also not stable, as dealers change the prices two to three times in a day.
They complained that traders are taking advantage of the shortage to exploit people.
And some traders spoken to said that manufactures were facing challenges to produce enough cement, a situation which has resulted in their trucks spending days in Lusaka before being given the consignment.
The traders also stated that they found it difficult to send empty trucks to collect cement unless there was another commodity like maize to be transported to Lusaka.

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