Erratic supply of fuel has hit Petauke district for over one week.

Petauke district is reported to have been hit by shortage of fuel.
Breeze FM Correspondent, Mercy Maseko, says that motorists in the district have complained of the persistent shortage of fuel.
The motorists say it is sad that the district has continued facing the same problem almost every week without government intervention.
Fuel in Petauke finished on New Year’s eve and by Wednesday, all the three filling stations in the district did not have the commodity.
A check by Breeze News within the township, found motorists parking their vehicles while making frantic efforts to access the commodity.
And Energy Permanent Secretary, George Zulu has refused any blame on government concerning the fuel shortage that has hit Petauke and some other districts in the country.
Mr. Zulu told Breeze News that Indeni Oil Refinery in Ndola has enough fuel stocks.
He says that some fuel dealers have run out of fuel due to cash transaction hiccups with OMCs, Oil Marketing Companies.
Mr. Zulu also indicated that he is aware that one of the fuel dealers in Petauke district is out of the country.

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